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‘ANIMAL SPIRITS’ opens at Centrale Fies06. Aug2013

TAGS: toys, design, concept, store
Designed by Centrale Fies

'Animal Spirit' is a "concept store totally dedicated to the mind-style animal spirit. A hybrid space between the animal and the human territory, the temporary store explicitly quotes military style and is inspired by the experience of a night hunt."
The store was opened in July, in Trentino, Italy and "for the special opening, the concept store displayed the space toys designed by architect Luca Bertoldi’s and the series tools for the revolution signed by Liviana Osti (designer). The collection is completed by the limited edition of products created to strengthen that instinctive side that induces human beings to action. The products on sale are realized by a crew of young designers, chosen by Mali Weil to be inspired by the mind-style animal spirit."


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