QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The artist in me cries out for design."
Robert Frost

'Époque' chair21. Jun2011

Created by Dutch designer Wybren van Keulen from Etwelve, 'Époque' is a single shell chair made entirely of fiberglass with curves and sharp folds reminiscent of the times passed. It has the appearance of mass, but is surprisingly lightweight due to the material from which is build.  Additionally, the chair is stackable and can be used as indoor-outdoor chair, being weather proof and UV treated.

“Back rest, seat and legs all blend seamlessly in a single piece. Hand made in fiberglass reinforced resin, the chair is made to last yet surprisingly lightweight. A high gloss finish gives the product its classy look. 
[...] Designing Époque, studied choices were made in form, comfort, material and the ability to actually produce the chair. The end product is a chair you can tell apart by its unique form and unconventional dimensions, both contributing to a surprisingly active yet easy seat.
[...]  Creating each Époque chair is a skilled piece of handwork done by an experienced workshop operating since the 1970s. Forming each chair takes around five hours of delicate preparation, laminating and finishing." - more on Eftwelve website.

Eftwelve is a fresh design studio. One spark of inspiration gets us in a state of relentless interest in a subject. Wanting to master every aspect of the subject, it often leads to a surprising end product.

Photos from Eftwelve

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