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''JustK'' eco house25. May2011

TAGS: eco, sustainable, house
Designed by AMUNT

A successful combination between the client's wishes and the sustainability needed for this zero-energy house in Tubingen, Germany.

Description of the project from AMUNT:

"The passively heated, low-cost dwelling of solid wood construction, offers accommodation for two adults and four children. The small land area, the land and the required distance to be observed for six people living room meant that the building is designed like a tower in the air. In its compact cubic and the body takes formulated roof Just K on relations with the surrounding gray tufa buildings from the 1920s. The pivot of the hip roof-like, multi-buckled roof shape resulted partly from the desired maximum volume and the minimum required distance from surface.

Due to the physical requirements of passive houses, fast construction time and consideration of sustainability, the building is designed as a solid timber construction, which uses the possibilities of prefabrication intensive. The entire building consists of 136 elements have been provided directly from the factory with rabbets for the carpentry and joinery, with drilling and milling for the electrical installation. Furniture and stairs are part of the architecture and was planned as such in materiality and form."

Photos by Brigida Gonzales
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