QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The details are not the details. They make the design."
Charles Eames

'100 chairs in 100 days'29. May2012

TAGS: chair, sustainability
Designed by Martino Gamper

Although 5 years have passed since the exhibition '100 chairs in 100 days' took place in London in 2007, I still think the idea and the production of these 100 chairs in 100 days is an extraordinary idea therefore I will present it here today.

The simple fact of taking parts from different chairs and create new ones it opens the door of creativity with a bang. Hard-to-believe mind-imagined chairs are standing right in front of you yelling 'Look at me! I am real!'

It looks like a child play but hey, we all must stay connected with the childish portion of our brain if we want to find new territories in art, dead-simple yet powerful ideas, endless creativity, and so on.

Martino Gamper's '100 chairs in 100 days' is an exemplary exercise that will remain timeless through its methods and results. Playing like a child with materials, colour and chair parts, Martino Gamper engaged each chair with familiarity and uniqueness, inducing us the feeling of our home, everlasting reminding us about our happy childhood.   

See below a few examples from the 100 chairs and also Martino Gamper's words.


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