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'Adna' chaise28. Jun2011

Designed by David Weeks for Matter, 'Adna' chaise is a homage to the classic wooden roller coaster and the inventive spirit of LaMarcus Adna Thompson, the "Father of the Gravity Ride". The core seat is made of fiberglass upholstered in leather standing on a visible rollercoaster-like structure made of maple beans. 

"The massive wooden supports of the classic roller coaster provided the inspiration for the Adna Chaise. The challenge was finding a seat that compliments its complex interwoven base. The solution is an elegant sculptural form cradled in the chaos of Adna's irregular supports. This lounge continues the designer's exploration of sculpture as a functional object." - from Matter

'Adna' chair is part of MatterMade Collection New America Number Two, which celebrates the history of American design. All the items in this eclectic collection focus on new ways to utilize materials and technology, embrace a distinct moment in American design history, and were produced in the United States.

"The chaotic base of the Adna Chaise is left unupholstered to bring the idea of the roller coaster front and center while the seating is seating for Adna is an elegant fiberglass and leather form cradled in the support beams.I find wooden coasters to be more aesthetically satisfying than steel ones. The wooden coasters' network of timber is really elegant and honest. It extenuates the physics of the ride and reveals exactly where the stress points are. With the exposed base we're not hiding the beauty of the structure. It's a little like being invited backstage at the theater." - David Weeks

LaMarcus Adna Thompson was an american inventor and businessman, who was known as the "Father of the Gravity Ride" for his Switchback Railway at Coney Island, in New York City, the first gravity-powered roller coaster built in the United States.

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