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'Another Picnic Table'23. May2011

TAGS: bench, bamboo, table

'Another Picnic Table', a collaboration between Wouter Nieuwendijk and Jair Straschnow is a new approach on the usual (and iconic already) picnic bench featured in (mostly) all village home gardens.

"Made out of pressed bamboo, a material with physical properties equaling any hard wood, these designs try to bypass the obvious and refresh the way we use public space." - Jair Straschnow

"This new variation of the iconic picnic table is trying to tackle two issues: splitting the bench into seperate seats results in easier acces, but also offers another option- a more relaxed low seating position. while there are numerous benches for public space, easy chairs are never to be found in parks and leisure areas, where one would expect them most." - Wouter Nieuwendijk

'Another Picnic Table' was submitted for the DIY feature hosted by Designboom.

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