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'Bamboo' public seat unit24. Aug2012

TAGS: bamboo, sustainable
Designed by Gal Ben-Arav

Creating 'Bamboo' public seat unit, the Israeli designer Gal Ben-Arav from the Bezalel Academy of Arts from Israel accomplished the task that he has: to create a sustainable public furniture.

The main materials that were used to give shape to the project are raw bamboo and cast aluminum. The bamboo is considered to be energetically efficient, with high mechanical strength and durability to weather conditions and used in its raw form it allows to be 100% recycled.

Also visually, putting together bamboo and aluminium creates a tension between the look an the nature of the materials. The aluminium frame comes in two shapes: with and without possibility to create a seating with a backrest; the frames can be positioned anywhere along the bench making the length adjustable at will - of course, depending by the bamboo length.

via Architecturezine


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