QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Design depends largely on constraints."
Charles Eames

'Bedside' cabinet24. Mar2014

TAGS: cabinet, drawing
Designed by Conrad Botes

Southern Guild is a platform that promote new work of South African designers
Guild’s primary focus is to showcase handmade products in limited edition design. Southern Guild represents at least 50 South African artists and designers. Part of the Guild's effort to promote and support artists and designers is Southern Guild Fair which, on an annnual basis invites a selection of the very best local designers, artists, architects and upcoming talents to produce premier pieces for The Southern Guild Collection for the current year.

'Bedside' cabinet is a combination between furniture design and graphic print. It's what makes these interesting and unique.
'Bedside' cabinets and other work of Conran Botes were exhibited in the Guild's exhibition within the events dedicated to the World Design Capital 2014 held in Capetown.



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