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'Boop' collection - monochrome concept21. May2011

TAGS: lounge, chair
Designed by Note Design Studio

Originally part of the 'Margin Notes' collection, the 'Boop' lounge chair and sofa returns wearing a new outfit. 

Here are a few words from the designers:

"This time the Boop-​​family is part of small mono­chrome color spaces, and has there­fore been dressed in mono­chrome suits, which only rein­forces the play­ful shapes and curved lines. The legs and uphol­stery are color syn­chro­nized with large round rugs and tables, as islands of color in a large land­scape. Won­der­ful, imper­fect and like no one else; Boop is a real char­ac­ter."

The 'Boop' lounge chair and sofa shelf were submitted for the "DIY" feature hosted by Designboom.

All photos by Mattias Nero.

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