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'Diorama Map' of world's big cities02. Oct2012

TAGS: photo, photography, collage
Designed by Sohei Nishino

We remember the cities we visited by their landmarks and their unique urban layout. When it comes to speak about the se cities we speak in terms of landmarks and places we loved to spent time, be it a walk, a stand still experience or a passing by through it.

Japanese photographer Sohei Nishino decided to document the great cities he visited during his travels by capturing on film these landmarks and the entire city by compiling together the massive quantity of photographs resulted. He entitled the series: Diorama Map. The result is a collage which shows the photographer's vision, how he remembers the places he visited, a photomontage based on the city major landmark.

Diorama Map is an ongoing project. So far, there are thirteen city collages available but Nishino plans on continuing his traveling photography series.

The creation of a Diorama Map takes the following method; Walking around the chosen city on foot; shooting from various location with film; pasting and arranging with enormous mound of pieces. Consisted from thirteen cities, Diorama Map is still ongoing and will be developed in cities all over the world in the future.

via MyModernMet

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