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'Emma' sitting object11. Jun2011

TAGS: chair, table, object, functional
Designed by Kieser Spath

'Emma' is a furniture object which is neither a chair nor a table. Its purpose is to make a chair work with a table in terms of space, functionality and aesthetics when these two objects are bound together. Definitely you will gain more space in your room having 'Emma'. While reading a nice book, listen music, watch TV or just watch out on the window you can enjoy your cup of your preferred liquid at hand without pulling a side table close to you or looking desperately for a place to put on. Not to mention that you can change the color of the cushioned seat if you are not in the mood for blue.
A contemporary piece of design by approach and by result, 'Emma' fits in any room and it was designed “for the quiet moments of life. You can use it alone or share it with other people“ as the designers said.

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