'Flight of Birds' house26. May2011

Twisted and turned volumes create a fluid and dynamic space on the 'Flight of Birds' house. A large red wall stops the curvaceous movement of the volumes on one side and the strong winds of the Atlantic Ocean from the opposite side.

The ground plan is a raum-plan of intersecting spaces on two different levels making it a one big space with terraces and sheltered patio between them. The upper floor contains the enclosed and intimate spaces such as bedrooms or small relaxing areas.

Description of the project from the architect:

"The house is located in the north side of S. Michael Island in the Azores.
The microclimate of this farmland offers frequent wind and showers so the first design strategy was to block with a wall those winds, offer diverse patios and covered courtyards on the ground floor protected from rain and open all living space to the natural green around by glass walls receded from the exterior.
On the upper-floor there’s the private rooms more enclosed and protected.
The typology follows almost classical Palladian and Scamozzi central plan design with double height on living room and then two lateral wings enclosing one the kitchen, also quotes the high chimneys from popular residential architecture and a covered interior patio, and the other wing has the circulations for the first floor and to the roof terrace.
These two wings end in light entrances from the south. The roof offers possibilities of flight of views over all the island north shore."

via Designboom
Images from Bernardo Rodrigues Arquitecto
Photos Iwan Baan

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