QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Color does not add a pleasant quality to design - it reinforces it."
Pierre Bonnard

'House in Minami Magome'27. May2011

When you have a tiny site you have to take advantage of evey corner of it so using the Raumplan method may be the best idea of thinking the house spaces.

The exterior shape is a volume generated by extruding and elevating the site contour, generating a monolith volume which provides the maximum space allowed for arranging the spaces inside.

The house has its rooms organized in a spatial structure, both economically and functionally which reminds of Adolf Loos' Raumplan, characteristic for designing social housing in the 30's. Shifted and elevated around the central staircase, the arrangement of the half-levels create a single, continuous space from ground up.

Daily routine activities were concentrated at the top of the building where the attic space remains free of any partitioning. Spaces for dining, living and kitchen are in the attic which also host a terrace generated from a cut in the the overall form. 

via Designboom


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