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'Iso System 216' chest05. Jul2011

Invisible City posted on their blog a sneak preview of their soon-to-come furniture collection, a colaborative work between Invisible City and Simon Moorhouse. The furniture range includes the Simon Moorhouse's 'Iso System 216' sideboard with drawer and cupboard dimensions based on paper sizes using international standard ISO paper standards (ie., A4). ISO System 216 is part of Simon Moorhouse's new Incunabular furniture line. 

About the collection:
"The collection will consist of pieces we have designed for clients over the last fifteen years, combined with some created specifically for the launch. Within the range we have developed our modular system '216', which was originally conceived in 2007 for a private client. The process of developing this modular system further has been a very exciting project for the studio and we look forward to the launch.
It is very important that our furniture reflects the design ethos of the studio. We strive to create the highest quality hand built furniture from sustainable resources and employing the craftsmanship for which the UK was so well known. We have created a partnership with one of our UK based furniture makers to produce this range.
It is extremely important to us that this furniture is 'Made in England'. So much of today's contemporary furniture is manufactured in China. Our furniture makers have a policy, which actively promotes apprenticeships, to bring young talent through the ranks, in so that we can create a solid foundation for the future.
We strongly believe in supporting our heritage and the raw talent which this country is either exporting or just ignoring." - Invisible City

Invisible City is an independent design studio that produces intelligent and provocative architecture and interior design.

More info about the collaborative work in this article: Simon Moorhouse on Invisible City.

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