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Peter Zumthor

'Jekate' chair17. Jun2011

TAGS: rattan

Raymond is a young designer who believes that everything that we see and touch is designed with the exception of the soil.

"Traffic jam is our daily life "best friend", streets are crowded by cars and motorcycles. And it inspired me to make some chair with random structure to represent it.
I choose rattan as the main material, rattan is an abundant material nowadays, because there are so many materials commonly used for many kinds of furnitures. But in fact, rattan is a nice material, it's sustainable, its looks beautiful, and its flexible, and due to it's flexibility, it can be used to create any complex shapes. I would try to give a new look for a material that is already considered classic, towards modern shape thus resulted a lounge chair with unique modern design." - Raymond Simandjuntak

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