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'Konnex' shelving system29. Jun2012

TAGS: mdf, square, interlock, shelves
Designed by Florian Gross

"Konnex is aimed at people who enjoy constantly redesigning and organising their surroundings. and with this innovative new slot-in system, exactly that is possible. a basic set, comprising three modules, can be individually arranged to form a shelf unit. in addition, different numbers of basic sets can be added to form a unique shelf space: the comb-like slits are inserted into the side walls of another cube to form a large shelving system. the way you decide to piece them together is variable depending on your preference and the occasion and can therefore be adapted to every space and every situation" - Florian Gross

Modules are available in three sizes: small box: lenght 312 width 312 depth 312 / 200 mm, medium box: length 414 width 414 depth 312 / 200 mm and large box: lenght 516 width 516 depth 312 / 200 mm

A Konnex configurator is available on special site created for Konnex system which will help you to create any shape you think its best for your room. 

Konnex shelves are produced by Müller Möbelwerkstätten.

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