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Pierre Bonnard

'Man Machine' exhibition01. Mar2014

TAGS: glass, pistons, oak, silicone
Designed by Konstantin Grcic

Man-Machine exhibition held at Galerie Kreo in Paris from February 13th to May 17th, 2014 shows the latest works of Konstantin Grcic.

Konstantin Grcic tried a new approach on furniture objects as we know them. Using tempered glass used, float glass, pneumatic pistons and silicone he assembled a whole range of furniture entirely made of glass The pieces are available in short series, numbered & signed.

"For his new furniture collection Man Machine taken from the name of the 1978 album by legendary group Kraftwerk he has worked exclusively in glass, a common enough material and yet one rarely seen in the field of contemporary design. Examples are few and far between in the discipline, with the exception of Shiro Kuramata’s Glass Chair (1976) and a handful of designs by Fontana Arte. All the odds are that Man Machine will write a new chapter of its own, so singular is the collection and so imposing in its purity." - Clément Dirié, Galerie kreo


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