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'Objet Préféré' exposition02. Jun2011

TAGS: exposition, furniture, object
Designed by Fabrica

'Objet Préféré' is a collective project consisting in 15 beautiful and unique objects created by young designers from the Fabrica workshops. The results are presented in an exposition showed at Grand-Hornu in Belgium between 29 May 2011 – 23 October 2011.

Exposition description:

'A knife, train journeys, a jewel, a beer glass and books are just some of the revealing objects that have inspired Objet Préféré, a unique collection of 15 pieces of furniture created following a workshop between young Fabrica designers and personnel – craftsmen, technicians, office staff – of the Grand-Hornu Images cultural centre in Belgium. An intense and rewarding week of exchanges, brainstorming, interviews and photographic sessions on the theme “Favourite Object”, which led to the creation of 15 pieces of furniture that represent a perfect fusion between the creative and design talent of young artist-researchers from the Benetton Group’s communication research centre, and the expert skills of Grand-Hornu technicians.'

More information here: Objet Préféré Press Release

Photo by Gustavo Millon/Fabrica

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