QUOTE OF THE DAY: "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."
Dr Edwin Land

'Play Yet!' A large-scale building set for children20. Mar2014

The inner force that drives us to make things, the creativity, starts from an early age. Started with 4th year, children begin to use their imagination in the games they play. Every object play a multitude of functions and roles. They play for the sake of play. Few years later, starting with 7th year the game begin to have a goal and the objects are clearly related to the real world where they live. This is where Play Yet! fits in.

It's is a large-scale building game that helps children develop the sense of space and feel the objects proportions. From a construction kit consisting of simple elements that can be assembled at will – planks, sticks… – the child can try his hand at functional construction through experimentation. The elements of the construction kit are light yet solid. The variety of elements allow for unique furniture creations such as bench, stool, shelf using materials such as wood, cork and fabric.

Play Yet! was lauched in january 2014 in Paris at second edition of PlayWithDesign. Play Yet is the latest creation of Stéphanie Marin and his studio Smarin. PlayWithDesign is exhibition of 10 designers, a reflection on design for children around one common material: cork.


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