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'Precious' bathroom mirror07. Aug2011

Too much jewelry and fashion accessories can kill you. More precisely, can kill your precious time and space. That's why Les M designed the 'Precious' object which combines a mirror with small drawers and a little hanger to organize and store all your beauty accessories - everything hidden inside the object. And having a the mirror at hand, the whole system becomes so precious when you need to get in time.

"From a seeming simplicity the mirror unfolds to reveal a colorful system for the organization of jewelry and fashion accessories. 'Precious' offers a pull-out bar with hooks to neatly hang necklaces and earrings. A set of removable boxes can accommodate bracelets, rings and the smallest items. The boxes in different shapes and colors, can be playfully assembled in multiple variations, creating an ever-changing setting.

'Precious' has 50x40x10cm(closed) and 50x80x10cm(open), and is made entirely from wood.

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