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'Puzzles for Living' exhibition - part two24. Jan2012

TAGS: chair, stool, table, bulgaria
Designed by Petar ZAHARINOV

(continuing from yesterday's post)
[...] The exhibition took place in Credo Bonum Gallery in Sofia from 12.12.2011 to 15.01.2012. It was the first product design exhibition in this art space; as a result, the way of presentation was meant to be not just the same as the one in a regular furniture showroom. The two types of puzzle principles were presented differently in the form of installation. In both cases the designs were exposed in their assembled and disassembled condition. The disassembled elements of the put-together chairs of Konstantin Achkov, where the type of joinery is relatively obvious, unlike the places of the parts, were put in a completely new context. They were arranged in a way representing totems and pagan masks making the relation between the initial parts and the final product even more mysterious. The initial elements of the “coordinate motion” and interlocking furniture of Petar Zaharinov were “flying” in the air in a configuration just ready for assembling and giving some hint and emphasizing the assembly principle and process. (Text: Petar Zaharinov)

The two different approaches also corresponded to the different professions of the authors. Petar Zaharinov is an architect, Konstantin Achkov is a sculptor.

Konstantin Achkov took part in the exhibition with several chairs Android-system, Fangs, Frame, Ko-Ko, Stack.
Petar Zaharinov presented coffee table 1x3, chair VIC and stool/table VST. (see yesterday's article about Konstatin Achov's furniture and full text about the exhibition)

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