'Scene' furniture range24. Jul2011

Scene furniture range is composed from sideboard and/or shelf units. It's a flexible furniture composed from a wooden frame which supports a series of units, either open or with door or drawers. All units can be placed in the arrangement you like thus the wooden frame becomes a scene where the units play different roles.

"An open and airy wall cabinet system composed of horizontal wooden or lacquered frames, in which different types of units can be freely placed. These open or closed units, organize, support and define character. The hanging frame and the body of the audio sideboard are standard provided with a cable transit in the backside. Materials used are oak, veneered or lacquered for the frame and shelf, lacquered wood for drawers, door or unit with flap and lacquered metal for the open unit." - product description from the fact sheet.

The Scene furniture range is developed for Arco Contemporary Furniture.
via Mocoloco

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