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Paola Antonelli

'Thread Family'25. May2012

TAGS: stool, table, chair

Thread family is a set of small adaptable furnishings featuring a thread and a seat lathed from walnut wood on a welded steel base in many colours. Designed by Flip Sellin/Coordination.

"Main feature is the lathed upper part, consisting of a 40mm thread cut from american walnut, connected with the seat by a a visible and well crafted wedge-joint in a cross shape. Its surface is finished with hardwood oil to enhance the natural looks and to produce a smooth motion of the thread while adjusting the seat height. The steel base was welded  from precision stainless steel tubes inspired by high quality bicycle frames. All additional parts like feet and inner thread have been crafted from a non dyed technical polymer." - Coordination

Photos by Diephotodesigner in cooperation with H.J. Roscher

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