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'Triplette' chair28. May2011

TAGS: chair, stackable
Designed by Paul Menand

'Triplette' chair can be defined more as a "nesting chair" than a "stackable chair"

Practically, the chair sums up to three chairs in one and can be used in every combination from one to three because of the unique configuration of each chair.

'Triplette' chair not only saves the precious space in your room but also saves the space that would be occupied by three stackable chairs.

The best thing of 'Triplette' chair is that you can still use it while you nest all his three "children" together. And because of this you do not need to store them- which means you can not use them, plus you need the space to do it.

Paul Menand will be at the DMY Berlin in June 2011

via Yatzer
photos © Paul Menand


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