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'Turn In' chair28. May2011

The idea of creating a foldable chair has been tackled by the Viktor Alexander Kolbig + Tojan Bieber in a new, unusual way.
Usually, a foldable chair can be used in small apartments or multifunctional spaces- used when needed, then removed and quickly store away.
The 'Turn In' chair does it more: it allows you to change the seating and the backrest by just turning the chair. Dependingon  the mood you're in, you can prefer the soft side (foam stripes) or the hard side (aluminum stripes) of the chair.

Viktor Alexander Kolbig and Tojan Bieber about the 'Turn In' chair prototype:

'"We wanted to build a chair that could take different shapes - jumping from a classic timeless chair that reminds us of the ones developed by the Bauhaus, and also be transformed into an endless number of different positions, thus seeming to be a more abstract work of art, rather than a functional pieces of furniture.
After playing around with the form and becoming familiar with all its facets, the user will find out that the chair also has a second face - a softer and more brilliantly colored one.
In this way, with the flexible and functional form, all a user has to do is literally turn their chair 'inside out'
depending on their mood."

via Designboom

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