'Unpolished' collection16. Nov2011

TAGS: bench, table, seat, stool, shelf, cabinet
Designed by Dik Scheepers

Dutch designer Dik Scheepers has created the 'Unpolished' collection consisting from furniture objects made from combining paper and cement, so called 'papercrete'.
'Unpolished' was created within Toegepast 16 at Z33 (House for Contemporary Art), a presentation of five recently graduated talented designers who got the chance to develop themselves and their work during one year Design Platform Limburg.

The material - papercrete - originally used for creating blocks and building houses, is a combination of discarded paper and concrete. Economically sustainable and light weight, it can be moulded into versatile forms. Dik Scheepers experimented with different types of paper, each one giving the material a distinct character, although he notes that the thick mixture requires patience during the drying phase.

Photos © Kristof Vrancken
via Designboom
'Unpolished' collection was submitted for the "DIY" feature hosted by Designboom.

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