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'Useful Living' furniture series16. Dec2013

TAGS: wood, oak, brass
Designed by Sanghyeok Lee

Sanghyeok Lee is the winner of Time to Design contest. His furniture series 'Useful Living' is a series of ready-to-assemble furniture adapted to nomadic nature of young people. Sanghyeok Lee used himself as a social model for creating the 'Useful Living' series while he was in a residency at the Danish Art Workshop.

"When I started on the project, my biggest challenge was the art of restriction. How far should and could I reach in three months? Useful Living is a further development of “Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless)”. Through experimentation, I wanted to see what "Useful Living" could become in terms of functions. It is a process, which will continue after my stay in Denmark. I am very detail oriented, perhaps because of my Korean background, and during the process, I decided to focus on three pieces of furniture " - Sanghyeok Lee

Time to Design - new talent award is a design award focusing on young talent. The award was initiated in 2008 and consists of a three-month residency at the Danish Art Workshop, DKK 50,000 donated by the Danish Association of Wood and Furniture Industries, a two week exhibition at Normann Copenhagen Flagship

Photos by David Stjernholm
via Mocoloco


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