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Charles Eames

'You Are Here' jewelry collection08. Jun2011

'You Are Here' is a jewelry collection inspired from big cities plans from all over the world.
Comprising a collection of 8 items so far, 'You Are Here' is an open collection as anytime someone will wish to wear its preferred city plan as a brooch or a necklace. Thus, the city plan as an object to wear becomes an emblem, defining the person who wears it.

Talia Wiener is a multidisciplinary designer living in Tel Aviv. She graduated in the Industrial Design Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem. Her current work ranges from graphic to product and jewelery design. 'You Are Here' is her latest jewelery collection inspired by city maps. The collection was exhibited at the fifth Biennale of Israeli Jewelery at the Eretz-Israel Museum, and is presently sold at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Store.

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