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2012 Letterpress Linear Calendar18. Apr2012

TAGS: calendar, time
Designed by Marke Johnson

A different approach to a calendar, focusing on a month as a time measure unit instead of focusing on a week.
It may be used as a year planner too, because this is what it looks like but the graphics give him a friendly calendar look.

"We came up with this idea a few years ago for a full-year poster calendar that, instead of showing all the months as a bunch of tiny boxes, kept each month intact as a complete line across a grid of weeks and weekends. Initially we just made them for ourselves, but we started making more and selling them because people really liked the idea.

It’s now become my favorite and most useful calendar format for planning and projects, because it seems to be a much more natural way to view multiple weeks, unbroken weekends, and because it allows easy notes for deadlines and trips which isn’t normally possible on standard year-at-a-glance calendars. Also, they look really cool.

They’re limited-edition debossed letterpress-printed in single colors onto nice thick paper. This year we’re doing Pantone silver ink on white, and magenta on yellow." - Marke Johnson (The Made Shop)

via FastCoDesign

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