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Robin Mathew

Apartment with a Slide20. Oct2011

The owners of this apartment, a loft located in East Village in New York city, requested to have a slide in their apartment to connect the office from the upper floor with the living areas from below.

via Homedesgn

"TCA has had a lot of experience connecting smaller apartments together into a seamless whole, but this adventurous client requested something we'd never seen before. In a newly constructed multi-residential development, in the East Village of NYC, TCA had the opportunity to meet a unique client's desire to combine two penthouse condos... with a helical slide.
In this transformation, two identical 1-bedroom units, one atop the other, were combined into a duplex 2-bedroom home with the option to descend in the usual way on a new Italian-made "Rintal" stair, or more speedily, in a seated position, careening through the new double-height atrium..."

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