Architectural textile patterns.02. Oct2011

Finlayson's fall textile collection is inspired by new beginnings, precious moments spent together and brilliant festive moods.
Due to Helsinki being the world design capital in 2012, the season’s prints are inspired by the Finnish metropolitan area: coastline, city rooftops, floorplans and wall surfaces.

'Kotona', designed by Anu Kanervo, has drawn its inspiration from people’s homes and floorplans, 'Töölö', designed by Suvi Kankkonen, reflects the stories of a same named urban neighborhood in Helsinki and 'Coronna', a classic one designed by Aini Vaari, a print which resembles with a windowed facade from a high rise building, reissued this year.

The entire textile series is manufactured under the Finlayson name, a company which manufactures and markets high quality textiles since 1820.

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