Armadillo and Lodge chairs29. Apr2012

Armadillo and Lodge chairs are two conceptual pieces from the Salvadorian designer Baltasar Portillo.
Art, sculpture and furniture are the three words that characterize his work and of course these chairs.
Armadillo and Lodge are two works that are part of a series of unique pieces. Their shapes and structures remind us of suspended metal bridges, both architecture and engineering works. As these bridges are light structures, compared with concrete structures, the same happens with two chairs which are are lightweight and have a certain airness due to their wire structure. This allows them to blend seamlessly into any home without quite altering your furniture arrangement.

Made out of powder coated wrought iron, Armadillo and Lodge can be used both indoors or outdoors. There are only three copies of Armadillo chair each for the price of 2125 € and one of Lodge chair for the price of 2750 €. Both chairs were manufactured by Baltasar Portillo. Available at Outdoorz Gallery

via Artibazar

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