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Arnold Circus stool28. Apr2012

TAGS: stool, plastic, mould
Designed by Gamper Martino

The 'Arnold Circus' stool designed by Martino Gamper is part of the Friends of Arnold Circus, which is a charity action made through volunteers dedicated to save the historic bandstand and the gardens of the Arnold Circus that had fallen into dispair. Arnold Circus is a unique part of East End London heritage.

Their aim is to "create a public shared space for all. We will support the sensitive regeneration of the garden and bandstand and engage with local people so that this rich resource can be used, developed and enjoyed by all."

The stool was meant to be used as the official seating for the various events organised here such as brass band concerts, picnics, carrom tournaments, flower plantings and music and film events.

Made of moulded plastic, the stool is available in black, white, all shades of rainbow and other colours as well.

Photos by Anna Arca

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