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Bloomberg Pavilion Project01. Feb2012

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Designed by Akihisa Hirata

"The ‘Bloomberg Pavilion Project’ will employ the pavilion in the grounds of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, as a stage for solo and open exhibitions as well as performance events by young artists who are resident in Tokyo. This pavilion that was designed by Akihisa Hirata an architect who has recently received a lot of attention both at home and abroad, will stand besides the main entrance to the museum and become a new symbol of MOT. The space within this pioneering structure will present a challenging venue for young artists and thus will invigorate Tokyo art scene. This project is to be held jointly by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, which endeavors to promote a new generation of artists through such events as the ‘MOT Annual’ and its activities in collecting works, together with the financial information provider, Bloomberg, that is engaged in philanthropic programs throughout the world, providing support for art and other cultural activities. Following on from the 2007 event, this will be the second collaboration in the series, which aims to support young artists and improve accessibility to art. All programs held in the pavilion are free of charge and anybody may enjoy them. October 2011 will see the birth of a new art space at MOT from which to transmit latest talent." - words taken from Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo site

photos by Takumi Ota
via todayandtomorrow

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