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Le Corbusier

Brookes Street house19. Aug2011

TAGS: house, building, office
Designed by James Russell

Brookes Street is a house for a family of four, located in Brisbane, Australia on a site area between two old, heritage-listed buildings from the 19th century. 

"A major challenge in constructing the project was to create a secure and green inner sanctum amidst the chaos of 2 major arterial roads that link the city of Brisbane. The site was initially a piece of carparking space, wedged between the listed buildings. 
The site's total width is a narrow 5.6 metres. Whilst high density development was permitted under the planning scheme, it was decided that a small-scale proposal that enhanced the experience of the heritage-listed buildings was more appropriate. The building is set back over 16 metres from Brookes Street to create entry across a forecourt."  - James Russell Architect (see more below)

Photos by Richard Powers
via Cubeme

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