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Butchers - restaurant & bar03. Jun2012

These days in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, it happens to be the annual festival of design: Sofia Design Week. Strolling around for hunting the design locations it's a tough job and you will need fuel to stay in the business.

A nice and cozy place that should recharge your batteries could be Butchers, a restaurant located in the center of Sofia on a quiet street with high trees and paved with cubic stone. But beware, this place is for the people who likes settled things, old furniture and dim light. So if you are looking for white shiny space to eat, don't go there unless you are curious. Maybe you will be converted by the calmness and the coziness of the place.

The entire side of the restaurant is open to the street side. Here you have few tables for the rush ones and also some delicatessen displayed in the traditional way to take away at home. As you proceed deeper within the place, take few steps and through a narrow hall you find a different world. A large main room with an appendix form a large space which host reclaimed tables, chairs and other accessories creates the restaurant room. Every chair is different but from the same family: Thonet. And you can try each and everyone of it while eating good food.
During the day, the restaurant is bathed in dim light filtered by the vegetation from the garden outside and in the evening from the twisted lamps hanged on the wall.

Another feature of Butchers is the opportunity to sneak peek in the kitchen while your food is prepared. Circular holes of different size were cut in the kitchen wall for this and also for decoration. A small corner is furnished with a small kitchenette for quick removing and cleaning dishes, an addition which increase the felling of "at home"

As for the bar, a minimalist interior in opposition with the restaurant, I will let you find it because it is well hidden. In fact it's right there, next door. Just listen well and you may find it.

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