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CIRCUS glass cloches13. Jan2014

TAGS: cloche, glass
Designed by Lanzavecchia&Wai

"Circus are a collection of mouth-blown glass cloches that allows you to imagine a magically whimsical experience on your dining tables, living surfaces and console tops;the unseen trajectory of a graceful launching trapeze, the tooting of the agile elephant whilst balancing on its ball, a playful monkey performing its antics, all protagonists from a turn-of-the 20th century circus troupe.
These borosilicate glass pieces are hand-made by Massimo Lunardon, a glass artist from Veneto, that draws attention to itself as a decorative objet d’art, in addition to its duty as a vitrine; expounding the beauty and transparency of hand-made glass, encasing the treasured object within." - Lanzavecchia&Wai


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