QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The proper study of mankind is the science of design."
Herbert Simon

CORNERS stationery08. Mar2015

"When we write on paper, we start from the upper left corner. It allows us to structure our words and gives us room to use the page more efficiently. The corner is a natural starting point to organise our thoughts and also our objects. CORNERS is composed of one shelf and two dividers. These components are layered according to size to give you three distinct corners to use to store and organise your belongings. The dividers can be slid from side to side, creating flexible spaces to match your object encouraging you to arrange your objects based on their size and form. Each layer of CORNERS is a different colour giving you a chance to create your own colour composition that highlights your objects and defines an area. CORNERS is to be used on desk / fixed to wall or simply be placed in the corner of the room." - Kyuhyung Cho

CORNERS is produced by danish company Menu and is about to be launched somewhere this year.


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