QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Simplicity, carried to an an extreme, becomes elegance."
Jon Franklin

Camper shop in TOKYO19. Apr2011

TAGS: store, shop
Designed by Jaime Hayon Studio

"This new project for Camper is inspired by classic circus elements. It has colour and fantasy. The result is a space full of life and light that invites people to dream. As soon as we step through the impressive door of organic shapes, with a handle shaped like a candy cane, we begin to discover the surprises that await us inside. For starters, there are no corners, only curved forms. There is an interesting contrast between the walls covered in Bisazza mosaic tiles, perfect and delicate, and the cement floor, basic and unfinished. The long, narrow centre table resembles a centipede. The coloured mirrors placed on the ceiling elongate perspective and give the store added warmth. These small touches of quality do not go unnoticed. The special areas are separated by bevelled glass panels reminiscent of cut gemstones. Colour filters create a magical transparency. They exude freshness"

"This is a store where the elves are working hard and happily to produce the merchandise back of house and the upalupa serve you and assist you, with a coke and a smile.  Heaven for children and adults that still have their enthusiasm strongly attached within their souls"

via yatzer, photo © Koji Fujii (Nacasa&Partners.Inc)

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