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Cardboard cluster calendar (with gift included)11. Dec2011

TAGS: calendar, cardboard, recycle
Designed by Elledecor

The team from Elledecor, New Zealand, came up with a very nice idea that could be used as a gift for Christmas.

Search through your office or go to the nearest home accessories market to find cardboard boxes. Best to be unicolor and different sizes (that's a must!). Get some double-side adhesive tape and paper tape also. Depending of what you want to create: a 12 month calendar or just a month calendar, you have to gather the appropriate number of boxes.
Once you have all the cardboard boxes you need, use your imagination to arrange boxes. After you found a nice arrangement of shapes, fix the cardboards altogether using the double-side tape and make them stay togheter by strenghtening their back with paper tape. Write on each box the day or the month.

Now, to make it more appealing and more fun, find small objects to hide inside the boxes. They will be like little gifts for each new day/month and will be a nice and pleasant surprise.

via Elledecor

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