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Frank Lloyd Wright

Chair Farm13. Jun2012

Following the last year product, the Hemp Chair made of... hemp, a chair that was an example of how a new material can be used, this year Werner Aisslinger presented the Chair Farm, a plantation chair experiment, a chair that try to show us as "the future of production" would be, in designer's opinion.
An exploration about how to make a decentralized product in a local production which in turn provides and option for a sustainable future "And although open design processes and rapid processing have created the possibility to produce relatively complex furniture from very simple machinery locally and at an affordable price; problems with the raw materials – so supply and transport – and also the energy demands and waste generation of the production process remain." - from Minimumblog.

These are the problems that the designer try to solve through the Chair Farm, using locally grown plants to shape into objects (in this case, your locally grown willow).


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