QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun."
Frank Lloyd Wright

ColoRing14. Nov2013

"Udukuri is a traditional wood craft technique of polishing wood surface with a brush made of sew grass, to scrape off soft tissue so that coarse grain pattern is revealed. In our new line of furniture titled ‘ColoRing’ we feature this Udukuri technique.
First wood surface is treated with Udukuri technique to reveal grains. And we apply three layers of different colors on the surface-in this process we use leftover paint from other constructions that would otherwise be disposed of. Finally the surface is thoroughly polished flat, and we get beautifully colored grain patterns on smooth surface.
We feature these beautiful grain patterns and offer a variety of colors and designs in our new ‘ColoRing’ series." - Jo Nagasaka(Schemata Architects)

photos by Takumi Ota


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