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DAKAR - chair and table22. Sep2011

TAGS: chair, stackable, metal, table
Designed by Marco Dessí

Latest creation of Marco Dessí is Dakar, a stackable chair made from powder coated black/white/black and yellow aluminium sheet on a polyester coated tubular structure. 

"The backrest which is made out of only one 2mm strong aluminium sheet demonstrates both, the stability and at the same time flexibility of the material when cleverly applied. Covering the legs of the chair like a dress, the bent metal sheet results in a backrest of grand stability, and still it gives way like a spring when you lean back. The choice of material makes Dakar a light but extremely durable piece of furniture suitable for outdoors just as much as indoors.The chair creates the impression as if it could be taken apart into its basic components within seconds.This constructive approach reminds of earlier and more transparent stages of mechanization while being totally contemporary." - Marco Dessí

Dakar chair and table will be available soon through Skitsch