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DIKTAT, the furniture of the crisis01. Jun2012

To obtain the furniture range called "Diktat, the furniture of the crisis.", Jean-Baptiste Soubias chose a several furniture products that we are using in our everyday lives and apply to these the sign of our times through his personal interpretation.

The result is something is a furniture that undoubtedly retains the attention. Its ironic take reminds us of the everyday problems of the world we live in, things that we tend to get used with and not pay attention to them anymore but which they harm us little by little with each day.
In these days, things are not what they seems to be and each furniture object has its own schizoid personality, looking in a way but doing things in other way, which... is another sign of our times.

Jean-Baptiste Soubias present his work as a satire of the story-telling media. On his website, Diktat furniture range is presented like a BD (or storyboard if you like).  Each subject thus finds its counterpart dreamed Version superhero comics, diverting its original function.

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'Diktat' furniture range was submitted for the "DIY" feature hosted by Designboom

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