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Drizzle shelves26. Apr2012

TAGS: shelves
Designed by Luca Nichetto

"Just like the light rain whose fall the word “drizzle” signifies, the support system for this bookcase’s shelves is composed of long vertical lines. These vertical elements made of metal – which can be in bronze, copper or brass hues, or be lacquered in black, white or other colours – can be arranged in asymmetrical, irregular ways to support the transparent or frosted glass shelves. Drizzle’s combinations have been carefully selected in order to allow the bookcase to work well in any context. Drizzle’s components can be arranged in countless combinations, and this allows multiple units to be placed next to one another in order to create the effect of a wall of irregular falling rain, but the bookcase’s modest dimensions also allow a single module to be used in tight spaces." - Luca Nichetto

Drizzle was presented this year at Salone del Mobili Milan.
via Muuuz

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