QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The proper study of mankind is the science of design."
Herbert Simon

EGO storage system18. Jan2012

TAGS: storage, vienna, wien, wood
Designed by Thomas Feichter

"The storage system EGO is nothing more than a simple and elementary piece of office furniture. However, the consistent idea of simplicity alone makes EGO unique in the landscape of office furniture programs. EGO is an uncompromising storage system which does not diminish in value through numerous features and complicated modules. Nevertheless, this system offers a wealth of possibilities for use and addresses any space needs. EGO hides many sophisticated innovations that make this consistent approach possible. Carefully manufactured handles and uniform joints contrast plain cabinet faces, which are available in three basic types: flap, drawer, folding door. The simplicity of the system shows not only in its design but also in its handling. Simple design, planning and ordering is part of the idea. The concept focuses not only on furniture but on man and the quality of man’s working environment. “Ego” [lat. ego = I] in the sense of man as the center and starting point of man’s sphere of action. But also “Ego” in the sense of thoroughgoingness of consistently simple design. (article continues below)

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