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Brenda Laurel

Everything You Buy Is Rubbish28. Jul2014

“The behavioural changes that are required of us are so fundamental that no one wants to make them. What are they? We need to consume less. A lot less. Less food, less energy, less stuff. Fewer cars, electric cars, cotton T-shirts, laptops, mobile phone upgrades. Far fewer. Yet, every decade, global consumption continues to increase relentlessly.” - Stephen Emmott, excerpt from the '10 Billion' book.

"We focused on consumerism and waste as its bi-product, and began trawling the UK shorelines (including the tidal Thames) to find plastic rubbish. We then reconstituted the rubbish to manufacture a consumer product from the product of our consumption." - Charles Duffy

Everything is Rubbish is a collective project by Charles Duffy, William Gubbins and Billy Turvey in response to a brief that asked them to communicate issues raised in the book '10 Billion' by Stephen Emmott.


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