Fabric facade studio house13. Jun2011

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Designed by Rob Veening

Out of a goal by Alderman Adri Duivesteijn from the Homerus part of Almere, the Fabric Facade Studio house was built on the “Herenhuis” plots from the 350 plots used for construction. Don’t mind the swiss cheese look of its durable, non-combustible, residual material called PTFE (Teflon); this house ceases to amaze. The high ceiling of 3.5 m of the plot allowed suitability for work and residential gatherings. Designed by Rob Veening, the house maintains its sustainability by having a lower energy requirement than needed by law. It also has many elements that make it feasible for “Green” financing. The tight partnership with the client and designers created a good opportunity to make this house what it is.

"What would otherwise be wasted material, the PTFE (Teflon) coated fiberglass fabric is both durable and non-combustible. The team worked together with approximately 1200 square meters of this flexible material (used for food industry conveyor belts), which they tacked on to osb panels to create overlapping shingles.
Adding to the home studio’s allure is the heavy infusion of natural lighting. Both a skylight and carefully oriented windows permit light to penetrate all levels of the home, cutting down on electricity use which uses even less energy than required by law. The home was so sustainable that it received “green” financing, or a lower interest than loans for conventional homes. Despite having a small budget, Veening and the two studios managed to pull off a home that is wider, brighter, and greener than its more stoic neighbors." - via Habitat

Photos: John Lewis Marshall

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