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Fairytale Ceramics30. Jun2013

With a unique style that comprise both delicacy and optimism, Alexandra Constantinescu creates ceramic pieces that makes you awe in front of them.

Their whiteness and softness-like makes them look almost etheric. The novel shapes of handles and the placement of these in the most unexpected parts of the vases gives personality to each object thus making it standing out of the crowd.

The vase decorations range from stripes draw on the surface to an array of small 3D dots littered all over the vase. Sometimes the handles are enough to make it as a single and striking decoration for the white vase they are applied.

Last but not least, the use of beautiful pastel colors green and blue (or mid-range between the two) on white background as accents complete the object as a whole.

Here is what Alexandra says about her creations: "I like to create a contrast between the form of the objects and their details. The simplicity,the rigorous construction of the volume contrasts with the later added shaped details."

Alexandra Constantinescu is a graduate of the the Cluj-Napoca University Of Art and Design, Sculpture Department in 2004. She is working now in her own studio in the city of Cluj Napoca, Romania.  Alexandra can be found on her blog and on Facebook


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