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Flexible Holz chair29. Mar2012

Flexible Holz chair is a inventive solution for a chair by combining two apparent opposite materials. Created by two students in industrial design at the Berlin University of Art: Malte Licht and Gunnar Sören Petersen, the Flexible Holz chair is a comfortable chair because of its combination of elastomer (silicon) and wood pieces which makes its seat and backrest to change its shape when someone sits on. 

"The concept of "flexible timber project" is a wooden chair design, which looks like a wooden chair, but as comfortable as a padded lounge chair is. These properties are achieved by a combination of wood and an elastomer. The elastomer structure provides a flexible and convenient surface and is still very strong. A variable in the joint strength pattern provides for transitions in the severity and different flexible zones to relieve the spine and coccyx. Since it is not apparent at first glance, is how comfortable the chair is not typical of Wood's seat, and creates an exciting and surprising sitting experience." - Malte Licht

The Flexible chair received the Special Prize in BeckerContest 2011 for "innovative combination of materials". Read below the jury considerations about the chair. 

Photos from Malte Licht website.

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